Mission Statement

Our Mission

We have a dream that everyone in the world is living an Epic Lyfe.

Today our lives are not Epic.   We are victims of wicked technological acceleration where our normal one to one social interaction has been replaced by text messages, tweets and social media posts.  We are victims of unfair financial practices favoring big business and banks over the hard working person.  We are victims of unfair health care laws and systems that favor big hospital chains and pharma companies over the individual – even the doctors themselves.  Our daily lives have lost so much meaning.   Our dream is to take back control and for everyone to begin to live an extraordinary Epic Lyfe.

Epic Lyfe is a different kind of company.  They offer people a real life platform to have fun being social, while earning a great living.  To feel valued and to help others.  And to gain both mental and physical health. Their corporate principle of SODOTO – See One, Do One, Teach One allows everyone to succeed in becoming an influencer; that is, teaching others how to live an Epic Lyfe.

It’s simple, easy and fun.  Epic Lyfe has the products, the financial plans and most importantly the people to make this happen.  You success is sewn in the very DNA of their dream and of our company.  We want you to join us in this Epic adventure.

JOIN THE JET LYFE TEAM and let us help guide you to a true Epic Lyfe journey.  All our experience and materials help you make best use of the Epic Lyfe business experience.  Get your friends together and our team working Epic Lyfe.


Every week, The Jet Lyfe Team connects with its members to bring them the latest news and information on the growing Epic Lyfe opportunities. Be sure to check our Call Schedule frequently as we update it week-to-week with information on when the Jet Lyfe team conference calls will take place.

Every Tuesday @ 6:30 PM EST - Jet Lyfe Team's Call with Chuck Stebbins.

Company Call Telephone #: 605-475-3270 – access code 756156#.

For a replay of previous conference calls please dial 605-475-3269 and Enter Access Code: 756156#



Every Tuesday/Thursday @ 8 PM EST - Epic Lyfe Business Opprotunity with Beto Parades and Chuck Hansen.

Company Call Telephone #: 712-432-6100– access code 118241#


Every Wednesday @ 2 PM EST - Product Line and Science call with Chuck Stebbins and Sadie Stebbins.

Company Call Telephone #: 415-655-0051 – access code 586-731-569


Every Thursday @ 9 PM EST - Corporate Update Call 

Company Call Telephone #: 712-432-6100– access code 118241#


Every Other Saturday @ 10 AM EST -  Epic Lyfe Backoffice Training/Compensation Plan

Company Call Telephone #: 562-247-8421 – access code 916-497-089


Rotating Saturday @ 11 AM EST -  Product Line and Science call with Chuck Stebbins and Sadie Stebbins.

Company Call Telephone #: 415-655-0051 – access code 586-731-569